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Why Choose A Cheap Window Server For Your Growing Website?

Why Choose A Cheap Window Server For Your Growing Website?

Why Choose A Cheap Window Server For Your Growing Website?

Most website owners kick start their business with a basic shared hosting plan, however, often times it may not continue to be the viable option for them as website/s start gaining attention. If the traffic has increased then that is the time to consider for an upgrade.

Here comes the Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans that offer websites with own individual operating system, disc space, as well as bandwidth. This is in contrast to the shared hosting plans, wherein the same resources, of a Window server, for instance are shared with many other users. VPS hosting enables website owners to render optimized services for their respective site visitors. It is all the more as the website witnesses growth.

There are many reasons why you should sign up for a Window Server hosting plan to help you take an informed decision.

Cost-Effective Solution

As a website witnesses more traffic, budgeting gets more challenging. Putting time and money into shared hosting when a website has outgrown can prove disastrous.

However, it doesn’t mean website owners need to shell out all the budget for hiring a dedicated server that doesn’t call for one. Cheap window server VPS hosting is the middle option for sites that are witnessing an expansion.

No doubt it could be more expensive than a shared hosting, yet it is still an affordable option for small- to mid-sized websites.

No Drain Of Resources

Important reason for downfall of shared server hosting is that same resources are accessed by many websites. It means if another site on your server sees a spike in the traffic, for example, the resources at disposal for your website will become limited. And your website visitors might experience grievances by slow loading times. This can turn off your conversions as well. And you don’t want to provide such an environment when your website is showing potential to grow big. Additionally it can hurt the professional image of your website and/or business.

With a cheap window server VPS hosting, your resources are yours and there is no pilferage of them by your neighbors. So your site visitors can have smoother and comfortable site visit experience.

Higher Level of Security

Generally speaking a window server with VPS hosting offers more security than a shared hosting. This is because the apps and data stored on a virtual server are in isolation from other website users.

In a shared plan, for instance if a website on your server witnesses a malware infection or a security breach, there is likelihood of your website too getting affected. Quite the contrary, on a virtual window server hosting, malware infections don’t spread among the users.

What’s more, the Windows-based VPS plans here at A2 Hosting are managed. This means you’ll benefit from additional security measures, including firewalls, intrusion monitoring, and regular remote backups. This is in contrast to unmanaged plans, in which most security measures and general maintenance tasks are the user’s responsibility.

More Control Over Website

A window server hosting plan is independent of other site owners using the same physical server. This means, website owners have more control over their partition. The entire operating system is for individuals along with total access to the available resources and files.

Window server based VPS plans come with full administrative control and enables users to set up and customize their servers the way they want to have and also help install and use other software. This extra control over website/s means site owners can try out advanced coding, and test applications lot more effectively.


Another reason that site owners have to opt for window server hosting plans is that they are incredibly simple and help in the upgrade as business witnesses growth.

To sum it up if your website is growing more often than not your existing plan won’t suit the requirements of your website and it is important to consider for an upgrade of your hosting plan.

There are options for cheap window server VPS hosting plan that you can research about and take an informed call!

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